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Welcome to www.dup.as. This website aims to offer free services to every Dupas in the World !

Why dup.as ?

[Christophe Dupas] A few years ago I wanted to buy the domain name "dupas.com", in order to offer e-mail addresses to every member of my family. Unfortunately when I had time to do this, I discovered that domain name was already reserved, by a company which offer a lifetime free e-mail service. So I subscribed (with all my family) and started to use the service.

Unfortunately the 1st of October, 2002 the company inform me that they will charge me 19,95$ a year if I want to continue using my e-mail address. My wife, son and parents were regularily using this service. I would cost me 100$ a year !

So I started to surf on the Net looking for a smart domain name for my family. I easily found "dup.as". 45$ a year plus 15$ of hosting, that makes 60$. Moreover, I could have a website and as much e-mail addresses as I want.

Since it would be a pity to keep that domain name for only 5 people, I decided to offer to every Dupas to use dup.as as an e-mail and URL forwarding service. Since My name is Dupas, I doubt that one day this service is over !

Help dup.as ?

This website aims to offer to every Dupas in the World to use this address, this website has to be understandable by everyone. I know there is Dupas in France, Germany, Australia, USA... This site should be translated to a maximum of languages. If you're able to translate this site to other languages, please contact me !

Is you have some other ideas to make this website better, don't hesitate to contact me !

Copyright (c) Christophe Dupas all rights reserved.